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About Angelic Healing light                    

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About Reverend Monet Brooks

Monet Brooks is owner and founder of Beacon of Light Healing Center since 1994 & Angelic Healing Light Located in Petaluma, California

Since the age of six, Monet has been speaking with angels and spirits who have crossed over to the other side.

 As a child she was fascinated with her mother’s medical books, studying the human anatomy and learning about illness.

  At the age of 10 Monet asked God questions such as “Why is there illness? What causes disease? What is our life purpose? What happens in heaven?”  

She was visited by two angels; archangel Gabriel and Uriel who communicated to her that she is a healer, and her life purpose to heal yourself first, then teach and guide others to the path of self healing.   

As an adult, I was guided to work in medicine as a Respiratory Care Practitioner  for 18 years. As a medical professional, I had the opportunity to better understand how our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical un-ease affects our overall well-being. I needed to learn more. I started an exploration journey to learn more about matters of the spirit.  I found the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Marin; I took their courses in Clairvoyant Development, spirituality and minster training program through Church of Divine Man in Santa Rosa.

  While Studying a variety of natural healing modalities to further strengthen her gifts; the angels guided Monet to resign from the medical hallways and open a private practice offering her intuitive counseling, healing and wellness services.

  Monet shares her time between her private practice in Petaluma, CA and at a luxury spa resort- The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa located in Sonoma, CA. 
 She has appeared on Television ABC Sacramento & Company, been featured in Gentry Magazine, been a lifestyles feature in the Marin Independent Journal and is producer of Mediation Light CD. 

Honoring my Teachers and my journey in spiritual knowledge, awareness and Healing

Berkeley Psychic Institute: Graduate of Minsters in training program, Clairvoyant development, Healing classes, chakra reading and balancing techniques. a variety of divination and spiritual tools, knowledge and reading soul pathways, erasure tools astral travel and Remote out of body healing.​ 1990-1994

Asclepion Intuitive Training and Massage Therapy School and Healing Center Certificate in massage therapy,  Spiritual ascension tools, clairvoyant studies, distant/remote out of body healing working with spirit guides, spiritual tools meditation and chakra balancing @

Certificated me in Emotional and Cellular release, breath work, polarity therapy, Bach flower essences, Chakra balancing, non-invasive dialogue, healing affirmations and kinesiology 1993 by Dr. Leta Leborde DC she specialize in Chiropractic Kinesiology, Diplomat in Body integration systems, emotional and cellular release work

​Certified in sound and color therapy by Andrew Delany BA CMT, he has background in social work, counseling, body work, light color and sound therapy. 

Certified as Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Medicine, Meridian wash, tuning forks therapy, sound harmonics and DNA reprogramming, Vibrational Kinesiology and integrative techniques by Suzanne Louise C.A DC CMT has a background in Counseling, Vibrational Kinesiologist founder of Intuitive Energy Medicine, Reiki Master, Integrative techniques polarity therapy and tuning fork healing.

Rev Delores Lucas, Clairvoyant/Medium Healer, taught me Healing & working with Light energy being and Angelic channeling.

Peter VanGorder Musician and sound healer. Taught me sound healing with Didgeridoo

Dawn Silver, Naprapathy, Astrologer, author of Jewels of the Lotus.  Certified in crystals, stones and the elements

Kris Freewoman, Tribal dance instructor. Taught awareness through movement and dance. Certified tribal dance instructor.

DeAnna Lam founder of Red Moon cycles of women wisdom. Apprentice and certified in mentoring girls coming of age & Menarche ritual ceremonies

Jan Cercone RN Sound healer masters in Public health Nursing and is a Ordained planetary Priestess.
Certified as a Planetary Priestess with sacred ceremonies rites and rituals for women healing & empowerment.  The three fold path of the Divine Feminine Ordination Priestess of Isis

iNLP  Certificated in Neuro-Lindquist programing (NLP)

Rev. Monet Brooks is a highly skilled and respected Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Angelic Messenger, Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Energy, Sound Healer with Tuning forks, Tibetan bowls and Didgeridoo. 
She is twice ordained as a Licensed Minister with Universal Life Church and an Ordained Priestess with Isis Oasis Temple in Geyserville, California.