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Schedule  for  2022 & 2023   
Dates and classes subject to change
 One on one training
Online Classes 

See Monet at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn Resort and Spa 

Every Fridays & Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Services offered:

• Intuitive Readings |Tarot | Couples reading

•  Deep Tissue | Stress Relief Massage 

Chakra Balancing | Energy Alignment

Reiki with Reflexology | Guided Meditation

To schedule your appointment (707) 938-9000 or Spa services: 1-877-289-7354
100 Boyes Blvd. Sonoma, California
 Body & Mind

Friday & Saturday

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​Office hours 
Tuesday - Thursday 11-6 for private appointments
​The classes & workshops are designed to educate, inspire and provide healing tools for your personal and spiritual growth. 

These valuable tools and techniques have been known to inspire, recharge and balance your body, mind and spirit.

Leave feeling enlightened, relaxed, centered, empowered and refreshed​

Channeling the Divine Feminine
Clairvoyant and Channeling Training Certification Class for Women

 Wednesday  Time: 6:30AM-8:30 PM PST

Online | Zoom Meeting 

prerequisite: none.

Channel the Divine Feminine - is a clairvoyant development and channeling training for women. It is safe place where women can increase their intuition and learn to consciously channel the feminine architypes, Archangels from the light; for guidance, inspiration, healing and personal power. This class has a strong emphasis on emotional clearing and detoxification, that you can heal yourself first!  They you will be a clear vessel to channel to voice of the Divine Goddess to assist in reading, guiding and healing others.

Participants will learn to read:
The path of the soul for yourself and others, 
The Akashic records, karma clearing techniques, 
How to balance and repair the chakra's & aura system 
Channel the tree fold path of the Priestess/Goddess
Receive Menarche Ceremony and rites of passage rituals
Healing meditation and more. 
Group interacting, sharing and open discussion, 15 months for level 1 Certificate of completion.

Dates:  Jan. 4, 18, 2023 Feb.1, 15, March 1,15 & 29, April 5, 12 &19, May 3, 10 & 17 June 7, 14 & 21 July 12, 2023

Price $135..00 per month 

​*All certification classes start with Essential tools followed by Your spiritual anatomy (the7 chakras) Rebirthing& Soul retrieval
 workshop.  These classes are a requirement and foundational tools that are used for the practicum exercise.  
​Channeling the Divine Feminine
A Clairvoyant / Channeling class for women

Sunday 10:30am -12:30pm 

Online | Zoom Meeting

​Channel the Divine Feminine - A healing circle for women to receive spiritual guidance, to renew, recharge and reclaim your feminine power. In this circle we will address the emotional, mental & spiritual aspect of your current and contemporary needs. Then receive a guided meditation to journey into your heart and access your soul’s internal wisdom. balance and repair the chakra's & aura system and more. Receive insight about your current issues. This workshop provides:

· Guided visualization,

· Healing meditations,

· Karma Clearing Techniques

· Clairvoyance development

· Menarche & Rites of passage rituals

· Channeling the Divine Feminine

· Tips & tools to empower that will keep you balanced & more 

Group interacting, sharing and open discussion, 15 months for Certificate of completion

Dates:  March 5. 26 April 2, 16  May 7, 21 June 4, 18 July 9, 23 Aug. 6, 20, 2023

Price: Discount price $90.00 per month 

Mondays with Monet

Numerology & Tarot Certification Training

Class starts: TBA

Online | Zoom Meeting

Prerequisite: None

Tarot, Numerology and Intuition  This is a combination of intuitive training with strong focus on Tarot, the major and minor arcana the card meaning and symbols. Plus a small amount of astrology & numerology in relationship to the tarot cards. Participants will learn various layouts to read tarot for yourself and others.
9 months. I will be Teaching from the traditional Universal Rider Waite Tarot deck. Kindly have your Cards ready for class


Price $139.00 per month

Do you want to take a class; but it does not work in your schedule? 

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Receive  private one on one coaching and training

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Channeling the Divine Feminine
Karma Clearing Workshop

Dates TBA

Online | Zoom Meeting

Join Monet as she talks about karma, reincarnation, past lives and how they can affect us in present time. 

Participants will receive a guided meditation to:

• Assess your Akashic records 
• Meet Archangel Metatron (the master record keeper)
• Meet your personal spiritual Record keeper & your Librarian 
• Recover memories and experiences from your previous lives
• Gain insight about your past actions (past lives) that effects your present circumstances 
• Speak with the intelligence of your higher essence.
• Ask questions, receive answers and make new agreements  
• Receive a series of tools, tips & technique to clear karma.

Clearing karma gives us an opportunity to redo, renew, to rise to the occasion and meet the spiritual challenge in present time that we could not face from the past. We can change, clear and revise any situation and break old agreements through awareness, forgiveness, unconditional love & acceptance. Then live and act with a higher plane of consciousness with your new agreement. . This makes more room to create good karma and live a peaceful abundant life.  Group sharing and question and answer 

Price: USD 140.00 for 4 weeks

Channeling the Divine Feminine