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Certification Healing Classes

Angelic  Healing & Intuition 

​Reiki 1, 2, 3 & Master Teachers

Reiki Is an ancient Japanese form of spiritual healing.  The healing is a gentle touch to the body, while the client lies on the massage table fully clothed. The practitioner channels and transmits healing energy from Divine love and light, then draws sacred symbols over the client’s body. These symbols support the body for mental, emotional and karma clearing, karma spiritual enlightenment, to align and balance your energy. It is a calming and relaxing treatment.

Reiki and Beyond Includes the essential fundamental tools for healing,
 how energy flows, divination tools and ways to protect your life force energy while healing others. 
Students will learn: 

  • The essential fundamental tools for healing and how energy flows
  • How to protect your life force energy 
  • Spiritual Anatomy (7 chakras) Endocrine system
  • Expand your extra-sensory ability to develop your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clair-cognizance.
  • How to work with Angels and healing guides
  •  Students will learn the history and linage of Reiki.
  • Will be attuned to the symbols of Dr. Usui system trained to apply them to others.
  • Hand placement, sacred symbols and intuitive touch. 
The class is a combination of practical hands on healing experience, guided meditation, tools of protection, decoding signs & symbols, open discussion and more. It’s fun, heart opening, full of energy and empowering schedule. 

 No prior experience necessary. pre-requisite commitment desire to heal yourself and others to attend the training day as scheduled.​

Students will explore and discover the emotional, mental. spiritual and physical cause of dis-ease.  Then learn a variety of tools and healing techniques to balance and heal the subtle energy body.   Each class provides powerful healing meditations and practical hands on healing experience. They can be used for self healing, personal and spiritual growth and for those who are divinely guided as healers and have a desire to heal others. Students can take all healing classes or chose the one of choice.  Receive a healing and experience amazing shifts while learning. The classes are transformational and fun! See Schedule

*Essential tools for healing 
*The Spiritual Anatomy (your chakra) are the foundation tools and requirement for all healing & Clairvoyant class
Reiki & Beyond 
Hands on Healing Training
Private Studio in Petaluma, California
Sonoma County
Reiki level three:

A. Reiki level 3 Attunement symbol
B. Meet your Reiki guide
C. Intuition, healing receiving messages and symbols
D. Distant healing
E. Certification of completion

​​Reiki Level two:

A. Reiki Attunement 2
B. Hand on healing techniques
C. Symbols and meaning
D. Intuition, decoding signs
E. Certification of competition
Introduction to Reiki level 1

A. Essential tools for healing and protection  
B. Seven major Chakras 
C. Reiki origin and lineage
D. Principles of Reiki
E. Self healing techniques 
1 Essential Tools for Healing Workshop  It is a series of guided visualization and healing meditations.  This workshop teaches you about your spiritual make up and provides you with the fundamental self healing tools to manage your energy. Discover how energy flows and how to protect your energy field from negative and unwanted energy. 
 Participants will learn:
  • How to ground and center yourself, 
  • To quiet the mind and balance your emotions. 
  • How to navigate you way through life changes, 
  • Personal growth and spiritual enlightenment
  • Strength, courage to live in peace and more abundantly
  • ​Create healthy boundaries
These tools are essential and are a requirement for any of the certification classes.  This is the beginning phase of clairvoyant development and fundamental tools for healers. Students will learn practical healing techniques open forum and discussion. (6 weeks). 

2 The Seven Chakras (Spiritual Anatomy)  Journey into your seven Chakras to listen to the internal messages they have for you. Learn their location, purpose, the endocrine system and organs they govern. Discover how to adjust them to a balanced healthy vibration. Learn tools to clear the emotional, mental, physical energy and release the holding patterns they store. Explore a variety of tools to balance them with sound color affirmations. (7 weeks)  See Schedule

3 Working with Angels and Spirit guides  Students meet the archangel Raphael and their healing master and learn the rules of working with them. This will awaken and strengthen your Clairvoyance and Clairaudience (hearing spirit) and clairsentience (feeling sensations) You will expand your extra-sensory ability and channel healing light into your hands to feel the aura, spin and clear and balance the chakra's. Identify cords leaks, whacks, tares and Repair the energy grid. & more. Students will practice giving and receiving healing in class. (8 weeks) 

Part 2 Working with Angels healing for physical imbalances, Surrogate, Remote distant and absentee healing techniques. Learn to identify and remove attaching spirits and special request healing.  Karma clearing, Students will practice giving and receiving healing in class. (4 months) Certification on completion

​Chakra Reading and Balancing Training - Participants will learn several ways to read & balance the chakra. This class includes proper use of pendulum and introduction to Muscle testing, Soul regression and retrieval, Guided meditation & visualization, color therapy, Healing affirmations for each chakra, sound healing with tuning forks & cellular emotional release.

 Energy Medicine: Emotional Release & Cellular Reprogramming This class focuses on Immune health, clearing habitual patterns and deep seated trauma from your energy body and cell tissue.  It provides a variety of ways to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Students will learn how to assess and decode signs and symptoms that causes physical imbalance in the body; by way of applied Kinesiology (Muscle testing) to speak with the cell memory/tissue of the body. Explore and discover the source and cause of the imbalance from its origin to present time. and dis-ease in body using the five elements (Chinese Medicine) and meridian points that correspond to the organs. 

Healing modality to harmonize and balance body includes:

Vibrational sound harmonics, via numbers, sound healing with tuning forks
Chinese medicine, meridian wash  
• energy moving exercise to increase immune health
color therapy with healing affirmations, 
soul regression, guided meditation
use of Bach flower essences, 
DNA reprogramming, emotional release (cellular release work) 
 (12 months) Classes #1, 2 & 3 a requirement for this class

Reiki Masters Teachers Training

Learn how to:

1. Teach Reiki and attune others.
2. Develop your Clairvoyance
3. Increase Your Clairaudience ( to ear spirit)
4. Read the Akashic records past lives files
5. Work with angels and guides

**Teachers will attend and learn when Reiki class starts and demonstrates skills during class.

Healing with Angels and Spirit guides Certification Training Program


Online | Zoom Meeting see schedule

Healing with Angels and Spirit guides - Connect and work with the angelic realm to heal yourself and others. Student will meet the archangel Raphael (the healing angel) and channel the angels healing light into your hands, to heal and balance the subtle body and repair the energy grid.
Discover tools to expand your extra-sensory ability, awaken your Clairvoyance, strengthen your Clairaudience (hearing spirit) and clairsentience (feeling sensations).

Participants will learn:
  • Tools and rules to work with Angels for healing
  • Feel the aura, spin and balance the chakras. 
  • Identify cords, leaks, whacks, tares and holes in the aura & repair the energy grid
  • Healing techniques for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical imbalances
  • Remote, distant, surrogate and absentee healing techniques. 
  • To identify and remove attaching spirits 
  • Karma clearing and special request healing. 
  • Students will practice giving and receiving healing in class. (4 months) Certification on completion

Class starts with
  • The essential tools for healers (4 weeks)
  • Spiritual anatomy 7 chakras (7 weeks)
  • Introduction to angels and their purpose
  • Practicum giving and receiving healing in class
  • Clairvoyant and clairaudient strengthening exercises
  • Decode patterns, signs and symptoms 
  • Various healing & more