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Your healing includes
Hands on healing, quantum physics and light energy research, to speak to cell tissue & cell memory of your body;  using, number harmonics, sound vibrational healing, tapping, meridian cleansing, clearing & balance and DNA reprogramming to reboot your body systems.  Experience a deep state of relaxation while your energy pathways are being reset, to regenerate and restore health, wellness and vitality. 

Our guest will learn 7 energy moving exercise routines that keeps you feeling vibrant, alive and full of energy. These exercises will boost your immunity, promote harmony and wellness for your optimal health.

This treatment has a peaceful, relaxing and a soothing effect on your body, mind and soul.
Leave feeling replenished, restored, energized, and empowered, with tools to keep your body balanced.

Treatments help relief common ailments

  • Back Pain                                                                               Immune Deficiencies
  • Chronic Fatigue                                                                      Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Joint pain Stress                                                                     Digestive and Bowel problems
  • Tumors                                                                                   Dizziness
  • Headaches                                                                             Faulty memory
  • Fibromyalgia                                                                           Dyslexia
  • Sleeping disorder                                                                   Trauma PTSD

*This treatment is available for distant and remote healing. 1.5 hour session $189.00     2 hour session $ 288.00​

Your treatment starts with a brief phone session. You will share your concerns, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical goals. Together we will set an intention and theme for your healing.
You will lie down in your home where you will not be disturbed and receive your healing. 
I will call you when I am finished and we will discuss what took place for your healing, share your experience and next step. 

 This remote healing has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect on your body. Reiki allows us the opportunity to return to a harmonious peaceful state of being. It restores balance and harmonizes your body, mind and spirit. 

 The treatment is very soothing, calming and relaxing. Its purpose is to promote healing and balance for your body, mind and spirit. 
Reiki gives us the opportunity to return to a harmonious balance. You will leave feeling restored, peaceful and rejuvenated! 

Distance Reiki and absentee healing ​ session 1 hour $149  1.5 hour $189.00

 In person appointments on Friday & Saturday 9-4pm @ The Fairmont in Sonoma (different rates will apply)
Intuitive Energy Medicine Treatment
A total alignment  for your immunity, health, balance and wellbeing.
 Esoteric Healing Session

Receive a customized blend of one or more spiritual healing treatment based from an energy assessment about your current concerns and desired goals.
Chakra Reading and Soul Retrieval Healing Journey
Your session:

Starts with a discussion of your concerns, questions, goals, desires and/or creating a healing theme for your session. 
You will receive a Clairvoyant reading of your spiritual anatomy and an assessment of your chakras, aura and energy grid to 
determine where you are losing energy and best healing for you. Once reading and assessment is complete. 
You will be instructed to sit or lie down in your home, while you receive your healing. 

Angelic Remote Distant Healing
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The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn Resort & Spa is renowned for its mineral pools. The ancient geothermal mineral spring water flows deep from 1,100 feet (335 meters) below the resort and it surfaces at 112 degrees. We boasts 5 thermal mineral pools, ranging from 92 to 102 degrees. It contains 27 different minerals. that makes this a spectacularly unique wellness facility! Historically revered by Native Americans for its healing power. 

Receive a session with Monet Brooks, and you will have access to our Roman-style bathhouse experience. 
Relax, unwind and “Take advantage of the healing Waters” for health and vigor. 

 •Outdoor geo-thermal mineral pools
 • Halotherapy Sauna with Himalayan salt wall 
• Aromatherapy steam room 
• Rain tunnel experience 

The Bathing ritual, is a self-guided all gender experience, bathing suits are required.
​During the healing 

Most people have stated feeling relaxed, or like a dream -like consciousness, with light tingle sensation and light vibrations moving through their body. Many reported seeing colors and some can feel the presence of the angels healing them.

Once healing is complete
The sharing takes place. I will call you and share what took place during your healing as well as any angelic guidance and next step. You can share what you felt and experience during your healing. 

​ 1.5 hour $189.00

​Spiritual Healing treatments

 Balance your body, mind and spirit 
Distant, Remote Healing Treatments
Energy is non-physical & knows no bounds

 Is the act of sending Divine healing light to another person for clearing, cleansing, healing and repair. Spiritual energy is nonphysical, it knows no bounds, it travels through time and space to heal, repair and restore the subtle body. 
It is a form of remote viewing, mixed with a powerful spiritual angelic transformational healing. I journey out of body with the assistance of the Archangels to your location,  to assist in healing, repair and balancing your spiritual body. 
Leave feeling cleansed, enlightened, infused with the waves of peaceful tranquility and a calm body and mind.

1 hour & 30 minutes $189.00 Add 30 minute with choice of: Reiki | Clairvoyant Reading | Angelic remote healing $278.00

*This treatment is available only distant phone session, skype or zoom only.

 In person appointments on Friday & Saturday 9-4pm @ The Fairmont in Sonoma (different rates will apply) see below
Is a clairvoyant reading & assesment of your seven chakras, how well they are functioninng, their location, purpose, the endocrine system and organ they govern. This reading is an in-depth look at your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. It reveals the holding patterns stored within your chakras. It traces and identifies blocks, then pin points the root cause and origin of the imbalance. 

Once found, you will receive your personalized soul retrieval guided meditation healing journey to reclaim your power, clear blocks, increase vitality & energy flow to align & harmonize your chakras. You will receive insight about your life purpose and tips to stay balance.
Clears blockages from your spiritual blueprint, chakras, endocrine system, organs, bone, blood and nervous system. This healing goes deep into your past lives, your lineage and ancestral agreements to clear the holding patterns out of your emotional, mental and etheric body. Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body. It breaks karmic and past lives agreements, traumas, removes cords, attaching spirits, generational curses and spiritual parasites.  
The healing angels, balance your chakras and spiritual body, removes cords, repairs leaks, holes, whacks and tares in your aura and energy grid. It increases your energy flow and personal power, balances your systems and restores your vitality for optimal health.
Your Angelic Remote Healing 
​ Reiki Healing
Remote and Distant Healing
​Reiki is an ancient Japanese spiritual method of healing. It is used to clear negative energy, emotional imbalances, heal specific conditions, remove unwanted habits and increase energy and power. 
The practitioner channels Reiki light and is able to send sacred symbols & healing energy that travels through time and space to you. Since energy is nonphysical and we are healing the etheric body. These sacred symbols travel to the past, present & future time, to clear karma, remove blockages, increase your energy flow and personal power. Reiki healing light restores your vitality, heals the emotional, mental and spiritual body. It stirs your consciousness, enhances awareness, promotes enlightenment and peace. This healing aligns your body and spirit and balance the subtle body.

Reduce mental stress and worry, 
 Helps clear emotional trauma 
 Reduces physical pain. 
It improves focus,  
Intuitive Energy Medicine speaks to the intelligence of your body with applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine where your body is losing vital energy. It reveals where your immune system is functioning and where the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances are coming from. It also traces and unfolds what was passed down from your ancestors through the generations and tips to balance and clear them.

Gain insight and knowledge about the root cause behind your body’s signals and symptoms. Learn how to listen to these internal signals and messages then take an active role in your own health and healing. ​Discover natural ways keep your body systems  healthy, balance and strong. 
Your treatment starts with
An open discussion about your desires, current concerns, health, your emotional, mental and physical status. Followed by an assessment of your body systems and function, using kinesiology or a pendulum to assess where your body is losing vital energy. Once the assessment has taken place, the client lies on the massage table face up. 

The practitioner places their hands on the clients’ neurovascular points, then speaks to the intelligence of your body. This includes your organs, bones, nerves, endocrine system, chakras, cell tissue and cell memory of your body, to activate self-healing and open your energy channels.
See Monet in person at

Sonoma, California
every Friday & Saturday 9-4 
100 Boyes Blvd., Sonoma - California, United States 95476 
Reservations +1 707 938-9000 or +1 877 289-7354      
Fax +1 707 938-4250            
Tuning Fork Sound Vibration Healing
 60 minutes

Experience the healing power of sound vibration to the body, with the use of tuning forks. This treatment aids in enhancing the immune response by increasing the chi energy flow that opens the pathways to your meridians, organs and cell tissues. 
It has a calming and soothing effect on your nervous system, chakras and aligns your subtle body’s energy.

 Tuning forks harmonizes and balances your body, mind and spirit. 

Leave with a feeling of euphoria and a peaceful state of being. 

Combination 60 minutes Massage + 60 minutes Esoteric Healing package 120 minutes
Must request 2 consective hours when booking your sessions and request Monet Brooks 
​Chakra reading & Balancing 
60 minutes

Enjoy a deep state of relaxation as you receive a chakra energy balancing treatment. 

You will receive a reading assessment, a personalized chakra guided visualization meditation, sound vibrations, affirmations and laying on of hands. 

This treatment restores the energy flow to your chakras. It rejuvenates, regenerates and harmonizes your body & spirit connection. 

Leave feeling balanced, connected and with waves of peaceful clarity.
​Reiki and Reflexology 
60 minutes 

This treatment combines the healing property of Reiki, a Japanese spiritual hands-on-healing technique, mixed with a foot reflexology massage. 

You will receive a gentle touch to your body, while the practitioner draws ancient sacred healing symbols over your body, used to calm the mind, release tension, clear stored emotions and karma cleansing. 
Then receive a foot massage on your reflexology points to stimulate organs and increase energy to your body.

This brings balance to your body, mind & spirit. It increase energy flow, restores haromony and feelings of tranquility.
Rebirthing Guided Meditation 

Chakra Reading & balancing 
120 minutes 

This treatment combines a powerful Chakra reading & balancing, infused with a special rebirthing/soul retrieval guided visualization meditation. 

You will be guided back in time to see what transpired before your birth, discover your soul’s purpose, meet your angels from creation, then be gently guided in the cosmic womb of the mother. 
While in the womb, we will identify the origin of the mental/emotional patterns that formed while in utero and shaped our life and clear them.. 
Then experience a special cleansing technique, to release deep seated emotional holding patterns and repetitive habits out of your chakras, organs, tissues and from the body’s cellular memory. 

This treatment is empowering, cleansing & transformative. 
Chakra balancing/Reiki with reflexology 120 minutes

Receive a chakra balancing treatment mixed with Reiki and reflexology. This treatment combines a personalized chakra balancing healing meditation followed with Reiki, a spiritual hands-on healing treatment and foot reflexology. Leave feeling balanced, rejuvenated and harmonized. Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body. 
Relaxation Massage/Reiki 120 minutes 

Receive a mindful full body relaxation massage/with a Reiki healing session 120 minutes. This treatment combines a mindful relaxation massage mixed with the healing property of Reiki, a Japanese spiritual hands-on-healing technique. 
Relaxation Massage/Chakra Balancing 120 minutes 
Receive a mindful full body relaxation massage mixed with a Chakra balancing 120 minutes. This treatment combines the healing properties of a mindful relaxation massage mixed with a personalized chakra reading & balancing healing session. 
Relaxation Massage/Sound Vibrational healing 120 minutes 
Receive a mindful full body relaxation massage followed by the soothing power of sound vibration healing to the body, with the use of tuning forks.  This 2-hour session puts you in a complete peaceful state of relaxation.
 Leave with a feeling of euphoria bliss and a peaceful state of being.
In person Service Offerings by Monet Brooks:
Experience the Ultimate Body, Mind & Spirit Healing 120 minutes
To schedule your appointment call (707) 938-9000