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Certification Classes

What is Clairvoyance? The term Clairvoyance (a clear see'er) commonly known as 6th sense, psychic gift or intuition. It originates (from French Clair meaning clear and voyance meaning ” vision” from voir “to see”) A Clairvoyant is a person who has the ability to see mental image pictures in their mind and can predict past, present or future events. One who is able to use their extrasensory perception known as (ESP) to see visions beyond normal senses.

We are all blessed with the gift of intuition. At times we question this gift, we don’t trust it, we wonder where it comes and how to use it. Learn easy techniques to explore and develop this gift and unveil the inner mysteries of your soul and discover your true healing power that lies within you. Our 6th chakra connections us to our intuition; comely known as the third eye or referred to as the 6th sense. Through it, we can become more insightful and have clarity about our future. The imagination is one of the keys in increasing this gift. Learn how to tap into this powerful force to increase your insight and expand your intuitive awareness.

 Learn tools to quiet the mind and sharpen your listening abilities to receive communication and guidance from God, the Archangels, unseen realm and Spirits from the light. Develop a personal relationship with your angels, learn to feel, hear, see and consciously channel them. You will receive self- healing meditations to clear the blocks that obstruct your clairvoyance.
Gather an array of tools, techniques and exercises through Guided visualization, healing meditations, soul retrieval, group discussions and divination tools to increase and heightened your awareness. This is a powerful class that provides you a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey and life purpose the gifts of your soul. 
Each students will be given a practice syllabus that supports you in relieving stress, anxiety and to balance your emotional energy.

This program is designed for your personal and spiritual growth as well as Professional development as a clairvoyant reader. It is excellent for those seeking personal healing, spiritual understanding, increasing personal awareness and a deeper connection with the Divine. Prerequisite: Desire to heal yourself and or help others 

Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing, emotional detoxification, mental cleansing, while learning. see schedule

This training is taught in three phases:

The first phase is dedicated to your healing, a spiritual purification and personal transformation: You will learn fundamental tools for clairvoyant development and working with angels. This phase includes a practice syllabus to guide you through your process of change and growth. Discover tools to free yourself from negative thoughts and behaviors, as well as common challenges we face in life. It is devoted to developing your clairvoyant skills, trusting your intuition, divination tools, spiritual anatomy (your seven chakras), soul retrieval, re-birthing, introduction to angels and spirit guides, balance and repair chakra’s, aura and energy grid and more

The second phase Students will read the pathway of the soul, past lives, karma clearing, and spiritual agreements; read the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical holding patterns the chakra’s store, beginning channeling techniques and more. Students will practice clairvoyant reading others in class, karma clearing techniques and more

Third phase is developing a personal relationship with your angels; receive divine guidance, learn to see, hear and consciousness channel them in this intermediate class; Students will practice and fine tune their reading skills. Channel archangels inside their body to speak, guide and heal. Learn out of body healing techniques for angels to clear: spiritual parasites that causes deep seated patterns of behavior, hexes, curses that is passed down through generations, repair the aura energy grid, balance chakras for distant and exercise advanced energy clearing techniques. Be the vessel of light and carry the message of love, healing and divine guidance.

As part of the training receive a practice syllabus of self-healing tools to keep you balanced. 12, 18 and or 24 month commitment. Certificate upon completion for 18 or 24 months. Prerequisite: Desire to heal yourself and or help others *Participants are required to participate in group reading, angelic channeling and private readings supervised and unsupervised; must complete 15 reading for certificate. schedule   Certification upon completion

All Clairvoyant & Channeling programs includes

Class starts with:
• The essential tools for healers (4 weeks)
• Spiritual anatomy 7 chakras (7 weeks)
• Regression & Soul Retrieval (4 weeks)
• Preparation for Clairvoyant development Essential Tools for readers level 2 (4 weeks)
• Introduction to angels and their purpose
• Practicum giving and receiving healing in class 
• Clairvoyant development how to read the soul path & purpose
• Decode patterns, signs and symptoms 
• Channeling techniques
• Various healing & more

Certification Training Programs

Channeling the Divine Feminine

Online | Zoom Meeting See schedule

prerequisite: none.

Channel the Divine Feminine - is a clairvoyant development and medium training for women. It is safe place where women can increase their intuition and learn to consciously channel the feminine architypes, deities from the light; for guidance, inspiration, healing and personal power. This class has a strong emphasis on emotional clearing and detoxification, to heal and awaken your intuition.
Participants will learn to read:
the path of the soul for yourself and others, 
the Akashic records, karma clearing techniques, 
How to balance and repair the chakra's & aura system 
Receive Menarche Ceremony and rites of passage rituals
Healing meditation and more. 

Class outline for Channeling the Divine Feminine:
Essential Tools 
Spiritual anatomy 
Rebirthing & soul retrieval 
Menarche rites of passage rituals
How to the path of the soul 
Introduction to healing with spirit guides 
Clairvoyant development training
Channeling the sacred feminine realm 
Reading others
Group interacting, sharing and open discussion, 15 months for level 1 Certificate of completion.

​ Price  $ 165.00 per month 

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Numerology Certification Program

Online | Zoom Meeting

See schedule 
prerequisite: none.

What is numerology? Numerology is the study of numbers. Its base on Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher born (569-500bce) in Samos Greece. Pythagoras was a very important figure in mathematics, geometry, astronomy, musical theory, and in the world's history. He believed that everything has a numerical value and vibration to it. 

Numbers the Doorway to the Soul. 

Numerology is used to assist in your personal and spiritual growth. They are a powerful key that unlocks and open the doors to understanding the self. It provides information and understanding about the drive of your spirit, your life path; your talents, relationships, strengths, character, personality traits and positive attributes you have to share with the world. With its cyclical process, it is used as a guide to navigate your way through karma, life changes and challenges. And provides greater understanding to overcoming road blocks and obstacles, it gives you the key of knowledge in connecting and relating with others. Numbers affect our lives in a host of different ways. see Schedule 

 Learn about the meaning if the each number, how it unfolds the mysteries of your spiritual gifts, life purpose and soul path. We will explore the significance of the date of birth, combination of the numbers as well as how to use numerology for your daily and yearly forecast. By understanding the numbers and their messages we can have a better understanding of our daily challenges, and tools to navigate our future with ease.

••Birthday/ life path numbers 
Name numerology. 
Personality traits and Characteristics.  
Soul urge, Inner dreams, 
Karmic, cycles and lessons 
Relationships, master numbers,
Forecast personal year and more

Tarot & Numerology Certification Program

Based on The first part of the class focuses on numerology. Learn to forecast daily, weekly, and yearly events, universally and personally; understand life path and purpose, spiritual gifts, personality traits pros and cons and traits of each number from birthday charts and name. Discover the keys to navigate your way through life challenges to manifest and create your hearts desires. Students will learn to calculate and perform numerology readings for yourself and others. Explore how astrology, tarot and the Kabbalah (tree of life) connect with numbers... 

The second half focus on Tarot combines Numerology and Clairvoyant training, with symbolism. How astrology correspond and  relates to tarot and numerology. Receive the basic fundamental tools to increase your intuition. Participants will learn to read tarot for yourself and others. Participants will learn to read tarot for yourself and others, Learn its origin, symbolism, interpretation, layouts, upright, reverse and card meaning. Bring journal pad, pen and paper.  It is always helpful in taking both classes. No prior experience needed for Tarot. approx. 9 month for basic meaning, 12 months for deeper studies commitment. Certificate upon completion

Clairvoyant Development Certification Training Program

Online | Zoom Meeting See Schedule

prerequisite: (none) A desire to heal yourself and help others

This clairvoyant training program designed to increase your intuition, develop your clairvoyance and to increase your healing abilities. This program aids in your personal and spiritual growth as well as certifies you as a professional clairvoyant reader & Spiritual Intuitive Counselor. It is excellent for those seeking personal awareness and healing, spiritual understanding and a deeper connection with the Divine.  

Starts with:
The essential tools for healers 
Spiritual anatomy 7 chakra & 7 layers of the Aura
Regression, rebirthing and soul retrieval 
Decode signs and symptoms
To the read the path of the soul/read for others
How to read the Akashic records (past life files)
Karma and clearing techniques
And more….
Experience amazing shifts, rapid healing, emotional detoxification, mental cleansing, while learning. 13 month commitment for beginning

​Price 150.00 per Month

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Classes and workshop titles are topics and subjects that can be used for talks, speeches and lectures
 for your groups and special event. 

Our workshops start with a brief introduction, an overview, explanation and presentation of the course. 
Includes group meditation exercises, open discussion and sharing. It addresses your personal and group needs. 
The workshops are designed to educate, inspire and provide healing tools for your personal and spiritual growth. 
The purpose and benefits of our workshops to:

     •Reduce stress, tension and anxiety  
     •Increase awareness & personal power
     •Clear mind for better focus, stimulates creativity
     •Improve communication skills and relationships

These valuable tools and techniques have been known to recharge and balance your body, mind and spirit. 

You will leave feeling, enlightened, relaxed, centered and refreshed.

Registration closes at 9 pm before the workshop starts.  

Essential Tools for Healing - 4 weeks

 Online | Zoom Meeting 

prerequisite: none 

Essential tools for healing – are series of self-healing meditation classes that provides you with fundamental 
tools to cleanse and heal your body, mind and spirit.
 Participants will learn how your energy flows and a variety of practical healing techniques to use in your daily practice. 

Learn tools to:

• Manage stress & anxiety 
• Stay Grounded and balanced
• Protect your energy field from unwanted energy
• Rejuvenate and replenish yourself & more   

Essential tools for Healing are the necessary tools used to built and focus on self-awareness, it is your integration practicum
 that are used in Clairvoyant Development, Angelic Healing, Channeling Programs *Reiki and Beyond and 
Chakra Reading & balancing, which is a prerequisite for these courses.

This practicum will take place over four consecutive Sundays 

Price: USD $80.00 

The Spiritual Anatomy 7 weeks
2 hours
Online | Zoom Meeting See Schedule

The Spiritual Anatomy, are your 7 chakras -The word Chakra come from the Sanskrit term, meaning wheel. 
They are 7spinning energy centers or wheels of light in your subtle energy body. The chakra stores your spiritual, 
mental, emotional and physical information. They coincide with your endocrine system, your organs, bones, blood
 and nervous system. When these chakra systems get clogged, slow down and or stop spinning, you may feel out 
of balance or it could result in ill health. Your charkas’ hold the keys to your health, intuition, relationships and success
 in life. They chakras provide us with knowledge to understand ourselves, our emotions, consciousness; our spirit and
 life path.

How to adjust and balance them
• The locations and purpose of each chakra
• The endocrine system and organ they relate to
• The color they attract and ways to clear and balance them
• How to listen to their signals and understand their internal messages

 Participants will experience a chakra balancing meditation. This class is a prerequisite for all Certification programs

Price: USD 245.00 for 7 weeks  or $40.00 per class

Rebirthing Workshop– 6 weeks

Online | Zoom Meeting 
See schedule

prerequisite: none ​

Rebirthing & Soul Retrieval– is an extraordinary experience, it is a valuable healing process and one of the most powerful transformational self-healing methods.  

This workshop provides you with spiritual insight and knowledge from a higher perspective. It allows you to gain understanding of your life experience, why certain events happen in your life and receive healing tools to balance and transform your life.

Participants will receive a guided visualization, a series of healing meditations and a remapping of your life path.

  • See what transpired before your birth
  • Discover your gifts before your incarnation
  • Go back in time and learn your soul purpose
  • Meet your angels at the point of creation before your birth
  • Clear past patterns while in womb then experience a rebirth
  • Go to the source of emotional imbalance and heal your inner child

This Workshop helps with Phobias, Abandonment issues • Addictive patterns, Low elf-esteem, Relationship patterns and frees you from limited beliefs, heal emotional wounds and past trauma’s.

Experience amazing shifts, emotional detoxification, mental cleansing and rapid healing. Reclaim your personal power and live your full potential. 

All healing done through the energy of love, forgiveness and acceptance

Group sharing and question and answer 

Price: USD 270.00 for  weeks

An Angel a Month

Starts Monday 

Online | Zoom Meeting See Schedule

prerequisite: none 

An Angel a Month - is an introduction to Archangels, Ascended masters and other deities from the light. This is a spiritual based monthly healing meditation series, a way to meet and know the angels. Discover their gifts, how they work in our life and how to receive angelic assistance and support.  
Learn who to call on for your specific needs, receive their guidance, a healing and manifest your dreams into reality. 
Participants will experience: guided visualization and grounding meditation to meet the angels, feel their presence, learn to communicate and listen to them. 

Every month offers a different Angel, Topics & healing theme. Be touched by the power of spirit and leave feeling calm, amazed and inspired! 

Mark your calendar for Monthly forum dates: 

Registration closes at 9pm before the workshop date

See Schedule Register

Price: USD 45.00
​Clairvoyant Development Certification Training
​​Wise Women Wednesdays

Starts: TBA

Online | Zoom Meeting

prerequisite: none

The 3 W’s – is a meditation circle for women to connect with the Divine Feminine realm for inspiration and personal healing.
Receive her guidance, wisdom and assistance for your daily and contemporary needs.

Experience a guided meditation to ground and open your heart center. Our first Divine connection is with Mother Mary
This circle meets once a month for 2 months on the third Wednesday of each month. * This class is a introduction to
 channeling the Divine Feminine.

Dates: TBA Email dates

Price: USD donation 
Karma Clearing Workshop

Sunday see schedule

Online | Zoom Meeting

​Karma =means action. It is part of the spiritual law and is noted in our energetic vibrational library called the Akashic Records, that stores every soul’s journey from our past lives, present situation and future. We may know karma as reaping and sowing, cause and effect, yin & yang. It is the intention of our actions that get accrued throughout lifetimes and we are held responsible for our actions and deeds. When we clear karma, it provides us with an opportunity to shift our awareness, learn spiritual lessons and recreate anew.​

Join Monet as she talks about karma, reincarnation, past lives and how they can affect us in present time. 

Participants will receive a guided meditation to:

• Assess your Akashic records 
• Meet Archangel Metatron (the master record keeper)
• Meet your personal spiritual Record keeper & your Librarian 
• Recover memories and experiences from your previous lives
• Gain insight about your past actions (past lives) that effects your present circumstances 
• Speak with the intelligence of your higher essence.
• Ask questions, receive answers and make new agreements  
• Receive a series of tools, tips & technique to clear karma.

Clearing karma gives us an opportunity to redo, renew, to rise to the occasion and meet the spiritual challenge in present time that we could not face from the past. We can change, clear and revise any situation and break old agreements through awareness, forgiveness, unconditional love & acceptance. Then live and act with a higher plane of consciousness with your new agreement. . This makes more room to create good karma and live a peaceful abundant life. 
” Past life regression-its purpose is used to heal-grow and gain greater understanding of your present situation & relationships.” 
Dr. Brian Weiss

 Brings awareness and helps to heal:

• interpersonal relationships, reoccurring situations
• find answers to overcome fears, anxiety & phobias, 
• repeated dreams and or bazaar experiences  

Any oaths, vows, curses taken up in past lives are resolved as they no longer serve you therefore clearing it can allow you to live a life of compassion & love

Group sharing and question and answer 

Price: USD 180.00 for 4 weeks

​Introduction to Numerology Workshop  2 hour 

Date Time See Schedule

Online | Zoom Meeting

Numerology - Numbers affect our daily lives in a host of different ways. They unfold the mysteries of our spiritual gifts, relationships and soul’s purpose. It is one of the keys that open the doors to understanding the self. Discover the meaning of numerology, how it relates to your character and personality. In this workshop you will learn the sacred meaning of each number and how numbers speak to you and guide you.

 Learn how to calculate your life path and purpose
Your date of birth meaning
• the meaning of your name

By understanding the numbers and their messages we can have a better understanding of ourselves and our challenges, and how to navigate our life with ease.

Price: USD 45.00
​​Healing with Angels and Spirit guides Certification Training Program

Online | Zoom Meeting & in Person

Starts: see schedule

Connect and work with the angelic realm to heal yourself and others. Student will meet the archangel Raphael (the healing angel) and channel the angels healing light into your hands, to heal and balance the subtle body and repair the energy grid.
Discover tools to expand your extra-sensory ability, awaken your Clairvoyance, strengthen your Clairaudience (hearing spirit) and clairsentience (feeling sensations).

Participants will learn:
Tools and rules to work with Angels for healing
Feel the aura, spin and balance the chakras. 
Identify cords, leaks, whacks, tares and holes in the aura & repair the energy grid
Healing techniques for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical imbalances
Remote, distant, surrogate and absentee healing techniques. 
To identify and remove attaching spirits 
Karma clearing and special request healing. 
Students will practice giving and receiving healing in class. (4 months) Certification on completion
​Angelic Healing Certification Training Jan. 10, 2022 Time 4:30- 6

Date: Feb. 7, 21, 28 March 7, 21, April 4, 18,
 May 2, 16, 30 June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 25 Break, *(no class in Aug.)
 Sept. 12, 26, Oct 10, 24, Nov 7, 21 Dec. 5, 19 last class

Class starts with
• The essential tools for healers (4 weeks)
• Spiritual anatomy 7 chakras (7 weeks)
  Rebirthing & Soul Retrieval (4 weeks)
• Introduction to angels and their purpose
• Practicum giving and receiving healing in class
• Clairvoyant and clairaudient strengthening exercises
• Decode patterns, signs and symptoms 
• Various healing & more

9 months
Price: $150. per month 
Angelic Channeling & Clairvoyant development Certification Class

Online | Zoom Meeting & in Person

Starts: TBA

Prerequisite: Desire to heal yourself and or help other

Learn tools to quiet the mind, sharpen your listening abilities and clear your energy channels; become a vessel to consciously Channel Archangels, Deities and ascended masters from the light. This is a combination of Clairvoyant training/Healing with angels/Channeling class,
You will receive spiritual guidance from Archangels, Goddesses and deities of light to read the path of the soul, channel for yourself and others. This allows you to see life from higher perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the soul’s journey and purpose. 
It is excellent for those seeking personal healing, spiritual understanding, increase awareness and have a deeper relationship with the Divine and angels.

Participants will learn:

Tools and rules to work with Angels for channeling and healing
Learn to feel, hear, see and consciously channel them into your body for communication
Feel the aura, spin and balance the chakras. 
Identify cords, leaks, whacks, tares and holes in the chakra & aura.
Healing techniques for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical imbalances
Remote viewing, surrogate and absentee distant healing techniques. 
Identify and remove negative entities and attaching spirits 
Karma & ancestral clearing and special request healing. 
Receive healing meditations to clear the blocks that obstruct your clairvoyance.
Gather an array of divination tools, 
preform out-of-body and distant healing with the angels to balance the chakras, subtle body, repair the aura & energy grid

 Receive a practice syllabus of healing tools that supports you in healing & strengthening yourself to keep your body, mind, spirit and emotions balanced. 
This program is designed for your personal and spiritual growth as well as Professional Channeler and Healer 

12 months for beginning & intermediate level 1 &/or 21 months for advanced Certificate of completion

Do you have questions on what class to take?
Contact us with your questions